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The Lake Declares War on Seattle

Radio’s pigskin parade this weekend

It shouldn’t be surprising that a station in one of the burgs with a team in this week’s NFL playoffs has convinced itself that it is in some kind of war with the folks in the resident hamlet of the other team.

These imagined contretemps have become increasingly common of late, but considering radio shenanigans of days of yore little more than radio rough-housing.

In this corner, we have Journal Broadcast Group’s WLWK(FM) in Green Bay, Wis., promising not to play any songs by any Seattle artists.

And in the other corner is … no one in Seattle has picked up Green Bay’s gauntlet, as of yet.

Obviously, this was going to be a one-way battle since “The Lake,” an AC station, gets to publicly not play acts such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Heart and Jimi Hendrix, while fill-in-call-letters-of-outraged-Seattle-station-here gets to not play … er… Augie Gustenberg and the Cheese Wheels.

Not a very fair fight.

The Lake has promised that come what may on Sunday, it will reinsert Seattle artists on Monday.

No word on what acts from Indianapolis and Boston won’t be played by stations in Boston and Indianapolis.

And in other pro football playoff news, Westwood One Sports will be broadcasting the radio feed for the two conference championship games on Sunday.

HOLD ON! Just as this was going to press we discovered that KJAQ(FM), a CBS Radio Jack station in Seattle has nobly taken up the challenge and is suggesting that everyone in Seattle not partake in cheese, until Monday. Who says radio isn’t on the cutting edge of entertainment?