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The Media Audit ‘Undaunted’ by CBS PPM Endorsement

The Media Audit 'Undaunted' by CBS PPM Endorsement

Don’t count out The Media Audit as far as electronic audience measurement.
Regarding CBS Radio’s announcement that it has agreed to a deal with Arbitron for its Portable People Meter service, Bob Jordan, president of The Media Audit said, “We respect the fact that Clear Channel, along with the radio and ad communities, set up the Next Generation Committee and a process for selecting the best electronic measurement system. The Media Audit and our partner, Ipsos, are working with the committee to meet its needs for the most reliable and accurate system.”
CBS Radio is part of the electronic measurement selection committee, which hasn’t yet announced the winner among systems developed by three companies: Arbitron, The Media Audit and Mediamark.
The Media Audit says its Smart Cell Phone is the “simple, common sense solution.”
“We are undaunted by the CBS announcement and look forward to working with the Next Generation committee in its effort to bring the radio and advertising industries the best possible solution for media measurement.”