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There’s a Boulder in My Cup

Vegas ‘Sure Bets’: The Coffee Cup

iStockphoto/Cole Vineyard
One in a recurring series of tips about fun things to do while you’re at the NAB Show.

Need a break from the casinos? If you’re already planning a day trip to Hoover Dam, plan a stop on the way to Boulder City, one of two cities in Nevada where it’s illegal to gamble (the other is the town of Panaca). The small-town vibe offers a refreshing change of pace from the Strip.

First a little background. Approximately 20 miles outside Las Vegas, Boulder City was born in 1932 from the need for housing for the workers building what was originally called Boulder Dam.

In an effort to keep workers focused on the dam task at hand, alcohol sales and all forms of gambling were prohibited in the city. The Bureau of Reclamation, an agency under the Department of the Interior that oversees water resource management and power generation projects, did not relinquish control of the city until 1958, and Boulder City was incorporated in 1960. The city council selected a pharmacist as its first mayor; the residents approved the city charter, which retained the prohibition of gambling.

But with Boulder City’s quirky shops and cafes you won’t even miss the casinos.

One not to be missed is the Coffee Cup Cafe, or “The Cup.” Featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” a couple years back, The Cup offers traditional diner fare such as club sandwiches and tuna melts, and burgers of all sizes including “chili size” (hamburger patty on a bun with chili, cheese and onions). Additional menu highlights include a pineapple milkshake and a pricing list for or “instead ofs” that conveys The Cup’s sense of humor: Thinking about asking for a substitution is free; asking for a substitution costs $1; asking for a substitution in the no-substitution area is $20; and asking if these are real charges costs $40.

The Coffee Cup
512 Nevada Highway
Boulder City
(702) 294-0517