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Total Star Goes Totally Barix

British broadcaster switches to IP STL to save money

The Total Star Network, with seven stations in England and one in Spain, has moved from using ISDN lines for its studio-to-transmitter links to using audio over IP.

Using Barix Exstreamer 500s and the Barix Reflector Service for transport control, Total Star now distributes its audio to seven U.K.- and one Spain-based transmitters via the StreamGuys Internet content delivery service. The Exstreamer 500 provides encoding and decoding duties. According to a recent release, Total Star estimates it might save as much as £6,000.

Liam Kelly, a broadcast engineer for Total Star Network said: “My IT knowledge is limited, which made configuration of static IP addresses and routes challenging… The Reflector Service eliminated those requirements in favor of simply creating an account at the service’s website, entering some information about the hardware devices and making some general audio adjustments.”

Kelly commented on the ability to pass high-quality audio over distances with continuity. Total Star has also used Barix Exstreamer 500s in the field for remotes, saving more money.

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