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TuneIn, Live365 Partner to Expand Internet Radio Broadcasters’ Reach

Live365 broadcasters can now access TuneIn On Air services

Internet radio companies TuneIn and Live365 have partnered to help radio broadcasters increase online listenership across U.S. markets. Now, Live365 broadcasters can access TuneIn On Air services as part of Live365’s premium packages or as an add-on to any other package.

TuneIn On Air is a new program that allows internet radio broadcasters to expand their reach to TuneIn’s 30 million U.S. listeners via TuneIn’s app, connected devices and auto partners, which include Tesla, Volvo, Sonos, and Amazon, among others.

The platform is designed for independent podcasters and other long-tail content creators. It costs $249 per quarter for commercial entities, with reduced rates to nonprofit organizations and academic institutions.

A logo for the new TuneIn On Air platform, which “gives emerging broadcasters access to the same tools and distribution used by the biggest broadcasters in the world.”

According to a Live365 press release, the partnership with TuneIn is “opening the door for radio broadcasters to legally stream music and talk content to millions of listeners.”

Richard Stern, CEO of TuneIn, said, “This partnership with Live365 fits perfectly within our mission to reinvent radio for a connected world and democratize access to radio for broadcasters large and small.”

To learn more or start a station with Live365 with TuneIn On Air distribution, visit this page.

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