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Twins Tout ‘Over There’ for July 4

Twins Tout 'Over There' for July 4

Twin brothers Dennis and Dave Hage are touting their new recording of the classic song “Over There” as a suitable patriotic tune in the wake of the September terrorism. They’ve put out a press release as a “program suggestion for the week of July 4,” saying the George M. Cohan tune should be brought back to the attention of the American people
“Past generations are all familiar with ‘Over There,’ but the present generation is not,” they stated. “Two million sheet copies and 1 million disks made ‘Over There’ the hit of World War I. … James Cagney in ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ re-introduced the song to the public.” The twins do business as DoubleTake Media and describe themselves on their Web site as a musical group management consulting, marketing and entertainment company. Info: