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TWR Bonaire Inaugurates 450 kW Transmitter

Will be the largest AM transmitter in the Western hemisphere, says broadcaster

Christian broadcaster TWR Bonaire celebrated the launch of its new Nautel NX400 450 kW transmitter on Jan. 30.

The station, founded in 1964, broadcasts on 800 AM to listeners in Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil and the Caribbean, as well as on 89.5 FM for people living on the island of Bonaire.

To inaugurate the 450kW, 800kHz, three-pattern radio broadcast transmission system, which the station said would result in clearer, wider-reaching broadcasts to more countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, TWR’s president Lauren Libby was present on Bonaire leading an international gathering of ministry staff, supporters and friends.

“A project of nearly five years has come to an end,” said Bernard Oosterhoff, TWR Bonaire station director, of the “Power Up” campaign, which raised more than US$3.8 million and rebuilt the broadcast facility.

As part of the modernization, Nautel supplied the NX400 transmitter and Kintronic Labs provided the upgraded four-tower antenna system.

TWR says the stronger signal could double the size of its audience, potentially reaching some 100 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The celebration was streamed live on TWR’s Facebook page.