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TxDOT Creates Connected Car Task Force

Will help “connected and autonomous vehicles become reality”

The Texas Department of Transportation is embracing the future with the creation of a newly announced Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Task Force.

The move is just the latest in a string of announcements and projects around the U.S. that are bringing connected cars closer to reality. With connected and automotive vehicles — or CAVs, in the technical shorthand — will come other shifts that will affect broadcasters and other forms of media.

The announcement highlighted predictions that autonomous vehicles will help to improve safety, as well as “provide opportunities to reimagine personal and commercial mobility with quality of life and economic benefits.”

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To facilitate their progress, the task force will coordinate and provide information about “CAV projects, investments and initiatives” in the Lone Star State and will also host forums and share lessons learned from the collaborations.

“Our goal is to further build on the momentum already established with the Texas Technology Task Force and the Texas Innovation Alliance, and work with interested parties on the latest and greatest in CAV projects and enhancements,” said TxDOT Executive Director James Bass. “We look forward to furthering these important efforts as connected and autonomous vehicles become reality.”

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