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U.K. DAB Sales Hit 10M Mark

Worldwide, PURE has sold 3 million digital radio sets

The U.K. Digital Radio Development Bureau announced today (30 Nov.) that cumulative U.K. sales of DAB digital radio sets has topped 10 million as of the end of November 2009.

For the past three years, sales of digital radio sets have remained solid at around 2 million per year, and the market is worth around £170 million a year

According to GfK figures cited by DRDB, sales of DAB receivers outperformed the overall consumer electronics audio market during 2008 and 2009, and sales of analog radios showed significant decline.

Also, DAB set manufacturer PURE announced that it has sold 3 million DAB receivers worldwide thanks in part to the launch of DAB+ broadcasting in Australia and Switzerland.

The milestones come ahead of the traditional year-end holiday shopping season, which has been a time of heavy DAB digital radio sales in recent years.