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V3.0 Software for Intellimix Available

V3.0 Software for Intellimix Available

Version 3.0 software from Yellowtec for its desktop Intellimix mixer is available.
The Germany-based supplier says V3.0 adds improvements and enhancements. The mixer is targeted at newsrooms, sports remotes and dubbing facilities.
“EQ Power Mode” provides real-time access to parameters in the channel EQs via rotary shaft encoders on the control unit.
“External Router Control” reconfigures the rotary selector switch on a channel to allow control of an external router; the user can now activate or deactivate using a SmartCard. Level indicators now are configurable as pre or post fader.
Monitoring facilities have been expanded; it is possible to activate the headphone or loudspeaker outputs when the unit powers up, and to define the start-up level for these outputs individually. Parallel activation of monitor outputs may be enabled via the configuration software.
The company said the software also simplifies the loading of new setups and offers enhanced configurability of the COM ports for host computer communication.