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VOA Staffers Want Congress to Investigate BBG

VOA Staffers Want Congress to Investigate BBG

A substantial amount of staffers at the Voice of America have signed a petition calling for Congress to investigate the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the body that runs VOA, Radio Liberty, and other U.S. shortwave broadcasters whose audience is overseas. According to “The Hill,” the roughly 460 employees – nearly half the staff – who’ve signed the petition are upset that VOA is shifting money away from English and European broadcasts as it focuses more on the Middle East with new services Radio Sawa, al-Hurra and Radio Farda.
Radio World has reported the number of English-language broadcast hours from VOA has dropped from 24 hours to 19 hours a day.
Alan Heil, a former VOA deputy who helped distribute the petition told “The Hill” that news for the new middle East programs, such as Radio Sawa, profiled in Radio World, is not produced in the VOA newsroom, but rather in a separate place overseen by the board.