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VOP Zimbabwe Questions Rejection

SW broadcaster pushes for in-country FM license

VoxMedia, the owner of Radio Voice of the People, a shortwave station, which broadcasts to Zimbabwe via Radio Netherlands, wants more information regarding the denial of its FM license application.

VoxMedia Productions Private Limited is requesting a record of the proceedings leading to the decision of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe to authorize other stations, but not the VOP signal.

“The BAZ is refusing to provide us with details of the complete records and yet for the court to make a decision they must have complete record of proceedings,” said Tafadzwa Mugabe a board member in charge of legal issues at Vox.

A lower administrative court rebuffed Vox’s petition on technical grounds. The company needs the BAZ records to further challenge the decision.

The station, which applied for an FM license in 2005, 2011 and 2012 as VoxMedia Productions Private Limited, says that it has shown its total commitment toward supporting the opening up of the airwaves in Zimbabwe.