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VoxPro PC 3.1 Ships

VoxPro PC 3.1 Ships

Audion Laboratories is shipping VoxPro PC 3.1.
Registered PC 3.0, 3.05 and 3.06 users receive free upgrades. The company provides software upgrades for one year following any VoxPro PC software purchase.
New features in VoxPro PC 3.1 include the ability to link multiple VoxPro PC workstations through an NT, Novell or peer-to-peer station network via VoxPro PC Network software.
New features include exporting multiple files in WAV, Windows Media and AIFF; importing WAV, Windows Media and AIFF files; sorting recordings in folders by name, length and last modified date; copying and moving multiple recordings from folder to folder or user to user; deleting multiple recordings for easy file cleanup; and improved administrative functions.