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× Debuts Radio Shows

Group aims to fill information gap at the state and local level

A project backed by the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity,, has branched out to radio.

The group says that, and its radio outlet, aims to fill the information gap at the state and local level as news organizations have cut back their capital reporting.

First available, “Illinois Watchdog Radio” will air Monday–Friday from 9–11 a.m. CST. Benjamin Yount, Illinois Watchdog reporter and 10-year Illinois capital veteran, will host. The show will stream live and will also be heard on certain stations across the state — WINI(AM), Murphysboro, WRPW(FM), Bloomington Normal and the Cromwell Group in Decatur.

National “Watchdog Radio” will syndicate on weekends, hosted by reporters Eric Boehm and Matt Kittle. The two-hour show that will focus on state and local governments, as well as larger national trends. Kathryn Watson of’s Washington bureau will discuss the most interesting stories of the week from

“There are a lot of local radio shows that talk about city council, and plenty of national shows that talk about President Obama,” “Watchdog Radio” Host Matt Kittle said. But few “are focusing on state government, and how the policies impact everything from local schools to the price of groceries. ‘Watchdog Radio’ fills that gap.”