WBEB Live Links Web and On-air Ads

WBEB Live Links Web and On-air Ads
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Philadelphia's WBEB(FM) will provide links to each of its on air advertisers that will allow listeners to go directly to the advertiser's site as the advertisers' commercial airs.
"Imagine if your radio came equipped with credit card swipe so that you could buy instantly anything you heard advertised on the air," said WBEB President and co-owner Jerry Lee.
The Philadelphia station's Web site also displays the CD artwork of each song as it airs, so that listeners can click through to the music company's Web site for more information and possible purchase.
WBEB will use software developed by Radiowave.com. The software allows stations to coordinate streamed audio with graphics and interactive advertising.
WBEB is the first station to use these capabilities as the basis for e-commerce that originates from radio advertising, according to a company statement.
- Laura Dely