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Web of Pirate Operations Seen in Connecticut

Operators may be linked to each other

In an unusual roundup of illegal pirate radio activity all on the same day, the Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission notified a web of five different operators in Connecticut — several of whom may be working together — that they are operating a radio station in an illegal manner.

In addition to three possible unlicensed radio operations in New York and Pennsylvania, the bureau notified five operators in Connecticut that they may be operating in an illegal manner in the cities of Stamford, Hartford, Bridgeport and Waterbury. In each case, a single suspect by the name of Oraine Ennis has been alleged to be responsible for operating not one, not two but four different FM radio stations. And in each case, the FCC has sent out notices to secondary individuals involved with the stations.

After complaints came in to the Columbia Regional Office, agents discovered on Sept. 20 an unlicensed FM station operating from a multifamily dwelling on 93.3 MHz in Hartford. The next day, agents discovered more: an investigation revealed three additional apparently unlicensed FM stations related to Ennis. One is at 106.5 MHz in Stamford, one is at 106.5 MHz in Bridgeport and one is at 106.3 MHz in Waterbury.

In each case, FCC agents found no record of a license and believed that Ennis was an owner and/or operator of each one.

On the same day that the bureau notified Ennis, the bureau also notified other operators to their possible unlicensed operation on the same frequencies.

Roberta Davis of Stamford is also allegedly responsible for illegal operation of an FM station broadcasting on 106.5 MHz. Over in Hartford, the commission found that Tamara Jackson was allegedly responsible for radio signals emanating from 93.3 MHz. In Bridgeport, Arnett Daniels has been given notice that an unlicensed FM station on from 106.5 MHz is broadcasting from his property. And in Waterbury, a notice was given to Shanika N Abdul Abdullatif after agents concluded she is the owner/operator of the FM transmitter broadcasting on 106.3 MHz.

In an unrelated case in East Hartford, agents discovered unlicensed operation on 107.5 MHz. That station is emanating from Power Tabernacle Ministries, a nondenominational house of worship, the FCC said. After an investigation, agents determined that Pastor Nana Frimpong might be responsible for that broadcast.

In each case, the operators were warned that operating radio transmitting license without a valid license violates federal laws. Each alleged operator has 10 days to respond to the FCC with proof of a license, and each must discontinue operating the station immediately. The FCC also warned the operators that they are now subject to additional penalties, including seizure of equipment, fines and potential imprisonment.

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