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Webcaster Relief Delayed

Webcaster Relief Delayed

No relief yet from that looming Oct. 20 deadline to pay royalties for online content…
A letter by Democratic Rep. John Conyers, circulated among his colleagues on Tuesday, appears to have sidetracked a vote on the “Relief for Small-Business Webcasters” bill.
Citing a desire to allow the International Webcasting Association and the RIAA to continue negotiating small-business Webcasting royalty rates, the bill’s author, Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner, pulled it from consideration.
Sensenbrenner’s bill would have delayed by six months the Oct. 20 deadline for the first Internet radio payments of sound recording royalties for Webcasting. In his letter, Conyers bemoans a delay in Internet radio copyright royalty payments to musicians.
Sensenbrenner has indicated his intention to reintroduce his bill next week if no progress is made in the IWA/RIAA negotiations.