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West Virginia Public Radio Goes IBOC With BE Gear

West Virginia Public Radio Goes IBOC With BE Gear

Broadcast Electronics said it has orders for nine HD Radio systems and two booster systems from West Virginia Public Broadcasting, which operates the statewide public radio service. WVPR expects to convert its stations to IBOC by September, according to the supplier.
“The main reason we wanted to go HD Radio – and do it quickly – is because West Virginia is a topographically difficult broadcast state. Early studies indicate that converting to digital will reduce or eliminate reflective noise from signals bouncing off hills,” the supplier quoted Bill Acker, director of broadcasting and technology for WVPB, in a press release.
BE representative Ernie Vincent with dealer SCMS Inc. specified HD Radio transmission packages with separate antenna configurations for seven of the nine conversions, as well as one high-level and one low-level combined configuration.
BE said WVPR also ordered two BE FXi 60 digital FM exciters that will be synchronized to main broadcast signals as fill-in for low-lying areas in West Virginia.