Who’s in the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame?

Who’s in the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame?
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The Bay Area Radio Museum has announced the first inductees into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the hall is the idea of radio buff David F. Jackson. The online museum is at www.bayarearadio.org. There is no brick-and-mortar broadcast museum yet.
The Hall of Fame list includes Charles David “Doc” Herrold, Preston D. Allen, Johnny Patrick, Helen Troy, Ralph R. Brunton, Ira Blue, Tom Donahue and numerous others.


Success by the Bay

The California Historical Radio Society has declared its Radio Day by the Bay 2013 event a success. And who’s to argue with them?A fundraiser for CHRS and its allied Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame along with being a hot house for several other like-minded groups and individuals, the July 20 event netted, as of a recent count, over $17,500. Not quite the Jerry Lewis telethon but every bit helps and a lot of good folks gathered to support old-time radio. During the day an auction was conducted, a flea market was picked through, booths were manned, there were speeches and music was played.