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Winter Edition of Global Radio Guide Available on Amazon

Formerly known as the International Shortwave Broadcast Guide

Some winter reading is now available for those interested in radio around the world, as Teak Publishing has made the Global Radio Guide (Winter 2019–2020) available as an eBook on Amazon.

Formerly known as the International Shortwave Broadcast Guide, Gayle Van Horn authored the 13th edition of the publication that provides a 24-hour station/frequency guide for selected AM band, longwave and shortwave radio stations from around the world. The guide features by-hour schedules that include all language services, frequencies and world target areas for more than 500 stations.

This edition also features an introductory article, β€œThe Software Defined Radio β€” Bringing the World to Your Doorstep,” which includes an SDR buyers guide. Other features of the guide include an equipment review on the Airspy HF+Discovery SDR. A number of other authors contributed articles to the guide.

The new Global Radio Guide eBook is available on Amazon for US$8.99.