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WireReady NSI to Offer Free Newsroom System With Sales Software

WireReady NSI to Offer Free Newsroom System With Sales Software

Automation system and software provider WireReady NSI is offering an enticing bone to prospective radio customers interested in the company’s sales and newsroom software: starting in April, clients who buy a SalesReady# system will get the company’s Electronic Newsroom system for free.
WireReady is offering to provide free software licenses to the Windows-based system. Customers who buy SalesReady# telephone sales, client tracking and customer service software will qualify for the deal. The Electronic Newsroom provides the ability to maintain local news and event coverage and leverage local programming into event-based sales.
The president of WireReady NSI said the deal offers radio stations the chance to acquire cost-effective tools for selling to clients who normally would not receive a personal visit by account executives, like small businesses, and for increasing ad sales. The SalesReady# system is designed to help a station capture, manage and profit from the small business segment while providing additional buy opportunities for larger clients.