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With Marketron, Radio Offers Mobile Targeted Ads

Beasley is early customer of new location-based ad solution

Marketron says its new location-based advertising system will enable targeting to consumers based on their location.

With location-verified inventory from close to 10,000 publishers in North America and direct access to trading desks and ad networks, targeted campaigns can now go live in a matter of hours instead of weeks, according to the Hailey, Idaho-based company.

The company’s technology aggregates impressions from its mobile platform to target consumers, giving broadcasters the ability to offer mobile targeting to advertisers. For example a car dealer can be on-air, online and on location to reach buyers under the umbrella of a strong local station brand, says Marketron.

Beasley Broadcast Group is using the service, which Beasley EVP of Sales Heather Monahan characterizes as a “high-quality mobile customer acquisition tool. Compared to the alternatives out there, Marketron’s platform is a great fit for us in terms of capabilities, features, scale and performance.”

Marketron says its digital ad product resides at the convergence of mobile, location and context and will provide transparency to reporting and campaign overview for stations and their advertisers. It also supports all ad units including rich media, video and native ads.