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Women’s Radio Station Launches in London

All-female station aims to create a voice for women around the world

Women’s Radio Station, has launched in London with the hope of creating a positive platform for women around the globe.

With more than 20 female presenters, the all-female station aims to “educate, empower and entertain all ages, genders and cultures,” and create a voice for women around the world. 

It says it plans to begin both a stage tour in London and have a double decker bus tour by 2020. The bus will provide an onboard support and help hub center service for women as well as presenting the show on the top floor and hosting events en route.

According to Zena Miscony, head of business development for the station, there is a massive gap in society and not enough support for women to deal with it.

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“There are so many diverse and incredible women out there who can offer so much, share and empower each other — they shouldn’t have to give up being a woman to move up the ladder or fight to get there voice heard,” said Miscony, who has a PHD in medicinal chemistry.

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Women’s Radio covers a wide range of topics including music, business and current affairs and says it welcomes guest contributors from around the world.

Listen to Women’s Radio here.