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World Trade Center 1 Spire Arrives at Port

Radio, TV mast makes its way to its new home

This story originally appeared in TV Technology.

Several articles last week covered the shipment of the spire for World Trade Center 1 from Valleyfield, Quebec to Port Newark in New Jersey, but none I found mentioned its arrival.

A Port Authority news release last week said, “The vessel left Valleyfield, Quebec, on Nov. 16 and was expected to arrive early next week at Port Newark. The sections of the spire, ranging in weight from approximately five tons to more than 67 tons, would then be readied for transfer to Lower Manhattan. The remaining smaller pieces, which will travel from Canada via truck, are expected to arrive in mid-December.”

You can track the spire on-line. The site shows the ship has dropped off the spire in New Jersey and is on its way back to Canada. Keep an eye on the live camera to see how construction is progressing. The spire will support antennas for TV and radio. See WTC Tower Seeks Radio, TV Signals for details. The Durst Organization is managing the tower.