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WTOP Tops in Top 10

BIA/Kelsey ranks the Washington all-news station top advertising recipient in 2016

Washington’s all-news kingpin, WTOP, led the nation in estimated 2016 revenue, according to a report from broadcast market researcher BIA/Kelsey.

The “Top Ten Highest Revenue Radio Stations” from the 2017 Investing In Radio Market Report lays out the leading five and their estimated 2016 takes: WTOP(FM), Washington, $67.5 million; KIIS(FM), Los Angeles, $65.9 million; WHTZ(FM), New York, $48 million; WFAN(FM), New York, $46.5 million; and the leading AM, WBBM, Chicago, $45 million.

The following five are: KBIG(FM), Los Angeles, $44 million; WCBS(AM), New York, $44 million; WLTW(FM), New York, $42 million; WINS(AM), New York, $40 million; and KFI(AM), Los Angeles, $38 million.

By formats this group includes four all-news stations, two CHRs, a Hot AC, a Lite AC, a sports/talk and a news/talk. By companies it has five iHeartMedia stations, one Hubbard station and four CBS stations, soon to be Entercom.

Compare to last year’s report.