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WVEW Pushes to Recover from Fire-Related Damages

Southern Vermont FM station hopes to return to the airwaves by mid-August.

A fire ravaged the building that houses the studio of Brattleboro Community Radio WVEW(FM) last Sunday. The initial outlook is grim.

Located on the second floor of the Brooks House in BrattleBoro, Vt., the station sustained heavy smoke and water damage related to a fire on fourth and fifth floors. Louis Erlanger, WVEW DJ and president of non-profit VT Earth Works, the organization that applied for the station’s FCC license, was allowed to survey the aftermath, according to the Brattleboro Reformer.

Erlanger reported the condition as “very bad,” noting all computers, sound equipment and the immense collection of CDs and vinyl had taken on water. Total value of the station’s belongings was estimated to be $60,000. The antenna appeared operable, but its removal depends on the condition of that particular section of the roof.

Brattleboro Community Radio is insured, Erlanger said, but he doesn’t know yet how much the policy will cover, the newspaper reported.

The station is eager to get back on the air, and is working diligently with the goal of returning by mid-August. Receiving a boost from its members, WVEW’s regular DJ meeting Tuesday garnered some 30 people, where the typical turnout is less than 10.

Information regarding donations or other ways to help WVEW is available on the station’s website. Louis Erlanger can be reached at [email protected].