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WWBN Turns to BE for Quick Service

Its main and backup transmitters went down, damaged by power fluctuation

WWBN(FM) is on the air with a new Broadcast Electronics FMi 301 solid-state transmitter.

The Regent Communications station in Flint, Mich., suffered damage to its main and backup transmitters “thanks” to 440 V power fluctuation.

BE said it broke its own “service record” by getting the transmitter to the customer quickly. “Within hours after receiving a distress call from Regent Communications’ Director of Corporate Engineering David Remund, Broadcast Electronics technicians had tested and shipped the replacement transmitter,” it stated. “The FMi 301 transmitter was in service and on the air after three days in transit, restoring the station to full 1.8 kW ERP operation within 45 minutes of its arrival at the station.”

The station was off the air for less than four hours. It broadcast at reduced power for several days using a backup BE exciter.

The original main now has been repaired and is back at the station as well.

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