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XAPPmedia Launches Voice-Activated Streaming Radio Ads

Initial roll-out on NPR’s mobile app with sponsor Lumber Liquidators

Interactive audio advertising service XAPPmedia has launched XAPP Ads — voice-activated streaming radio ads.

Intended for a mobile audience, the company says the ads are “hands-free and eyes-free” as well.

NPR is the first broadcaster to implement XAPP Ads into its mobile app with Lumber Liquidators as its launch sponsor.

XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie says as Internet radio becomes a more personal experience, XAPP Ads provide consumers a choice to connect directly with brands through the convenience of voice when offers are relevant and quickly get back to listening when they are not. “Audio publishers need their ad inventory to generate more revenue while maintaining a great user experience. XAPP Ads leverage mobile, cloud and voice technologies to deliver choice for consumers, engagement and conversion for advertisers, and increase ad rates for audio app publishers.”

XAPP Ads can also be paired with on-screen tiles, but the key focus is allowing consumers to respond to audio advertising by voice. Calls to action can be embedded into the ad, like “call now,” or “send email,” “download app” or “send coupon.”

The company considers these ads for the “ultramobile” consumer, which means they are listening but cannot interact with a mobile screen visually or by touch. “You are driving, walking or otherwise active and interacting with traditional digital advertising is either inconvenient or unsafe. Our estimates indicate that half of mobile audio listeners are ultramobile and their only opportunity to interact with an advertisement is by voice,” according to XAPPmedia Executive Chairman Frank Raines.

Listen to samples here.