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XM, Delphi Show Off Wearable Satellite Radio

XM, Delphi Show Off Wearable Satellite Radio

Look for satellite radio to get a lot more consumer awareness once the MyFi hits the street.
Not only does the new wearable XM receiver from Delphi allow time shifting; it also has an FM transmitter that “makes any FM radio an XM Radio.”
The ability to listen to radio programs later is touted as one of the big benefits of the new MyFi, which was introduced this week. Elton John will be part of a TV ad campaign promoting it. The receivers will reach major retailers in early December.
Listeners can use the MyFi in live or time-shifting “memory” mode, called “My XM,” which allows the user to store five hours of content.
The MyFi retails for $349.99, including the 7-1/2 ounce receiver, rechargeable battery, headphones and what the company calls the first built-in XM antenna. Other features include stock and sports “tickers,” an alarm clock and the wireless FM transmitter.
In making the announcement, Frank Ordonez of Delphi noted that this month also marks the 50th anniversary of the portable transistor radio.