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XM Moves Into the PC Marketplace

XM Moves Into the PC Marketplace

XM Satellite Radio is introducing a satellite radio receiver designed for personal computers.
The XM PC Receiver, or “XM PCR,” makes its subscription programming available to computer users at home, work, school or through portable devices, without the need for an Internet connection.
President/CEO Hugh Panero said, “Internet streaming places a terrible burden on a computer’s connections and resources, and the … XM PCR … makes no such demands.”
XM’s signal is captured from XM’s two satellites and terrestrial repeaters so there are no “buffering” delays or slow channel searching and changing, effectively turning a computer into an XM radio. Recognizing the computer’s place as the home’s entertainment center, XM said, it engineered PCR so users can play games and use the Web without restriction or slowdown while listening to the satellite radio service.
The device is available through PC Connection.
PC Connection’s Executive Vice President Robert Wilkins believes the product has advantages over Internet streaming. The XM PCR includes a receiver, antenna, PC software CD-ROM, USB cable and an audio cable. Users will be able to download subsequent versions of the XM PCR software.
XM PCR lists for $69.95, and is available from online retailer PC Connection at