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Xperi Signs BMW to TiVo Video Deal

The technology company is trying to attract OEMs to its video OS

Xperi made an announcement related to in-car media, this time it is focused on video. 

BMW has selected the TiVo video media platform to provide access to linear and on demand streaming services. 

“BMW’s implementation of the Powered by TiVo platform will include a variety of country-specific content offering news, movies and access to media libraries,” Xperi said in a release.

“The video media platform is expected to roll out over the air in initial launch countries by the end of 2023 for customers of the all-new BMW 5 series and further models.”

Xperi has been trying to attract OEMs from Roku and is pitching this platform as giving OEMs “significantly more control over the user experience,” while helping consumers navigate streaming and linear content options more easily. Xperi describes its offering as an “independent” media platform and says the BMW news marks the expansion of its footprint “from the living room to the car.”

On its website, the company quotes Michael Goodman of Strategy Analytics as saying that “Control of the TV operating system is emerging as a major battle ground in the coming years. Companies that control that OS get to decide which apps are available to users and where they are located in the user interface.” 

Radio broadcasters know Xperi as the parent of HD Radio and DTS AutoStage technologies.

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