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Idaho EAS Moves Ahead

Gem State program is on track

Last fall I talked with Ward Noland, state and local warning specialist for the state of Idaho, about EAS, and shared that conversation on RW’s website. I dropped him a note a few days ago asking for an update on the purchase and installation of gear and whether they expect the Gem State’s broadcasters to meet the current compliance deadline.

“The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security has distributed CAP-compliant EAS equipment to Idaho State Alert and Warning System (ISAWS) entry points and pilot stations,” Noland told me in reply.

“Currently there are eight units in the field now, not including what broadcasters have purchased on their own.”

Noland said BHS will begin the second phase of distribution of CAP-compliant EAS equipment to broadcasters this month.

“We are providing this equipment to requesting radio and television broadcasters and expect the distribution to be completed well before the Oct. 1 CAP capability requirement becomes effective.”

The state is working with MyState USA, Warning Systems Inc. (WSI) and Sage. See my earlier story below for the background on Idaho’s rollout.


Idaho Funds CAP-Compliant Equipment (Oct. 2010)