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This Is $150 Well Spent

How much will you spend on gifts this year? Consider slicing off $150 for a very good cause

I was traveling out of the country when the Broadcasters Foundation of America launched its annual holiday giving campaign, so I’m mentioning this a bit tardily, but please consider becoming a member of the organization.

BFA helps broadcasters who have serious needs: “Current recipients include the family of a 20-year broadcast veteran who died of a sudden massive stroke, leaving two children and a wife who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis; an elderly couple who have outlived their savings and are saddled with enormous medical costs; and a man who in the prime of his life and at the peak of his career became paralyzed by a tragic accident that has left him confined to a wheelchair.”

The good folks at the foundation will distribute $675,000 in assistance this year, a 35 percent increase over last year. Yet “more requests for aid arrive every day.”

“Our challenge is that we are distributing grants at a faster pace than we are amassing donations,” President Jim Thompson stated in the announcement.

Individual membership is $150 a year. I joined today. To make a donation, click here. Thanks.