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Changing the Look at Harris Broadcast

New site, new branding, but much familiar content

Eventually Harris Broadcast will change its name. But the process to separate itself from the branding and identity of its longtime owner, Harris Corp., has begun.

That is evident as soon as you visit its new website, There is a new logo in which the company name appears in matter-of-fact text (cutline: “Deliver the Moment”) . Gone is the familiar one-word black name and logo with dynamically elongated red letter A. The website features a great deal of product info and other content ported over from prior to the sale (and you will still find the old Harris branding show up in spots; no doubt the transition will be an ongoing process).

But the change in identity is explicit in the footer, which states: “Harris Broadcast is an independent company not affiliated with Harris Corporation.”

The company, as we have reported, recently was acquired by the Gores Group. Harris Broadcast is headquartered in Englewood, Colo.; its facilities include those in Quincy, Ill., and Mason, Ohio, with which broadcasters are most familiar. Headquarters shifted to Englewood from Mason around 2010. The division had some 1,700 employees as of late last year.

It is interesting to watch a big existing business reinvent look and feel while seeking to make a transition that is not too disruptive to its client base.

Readers headed for the NAB Show next month may also be interested to see the new company’s map showing what its booth will look like, below; click on it to enlarge.

Harris Broadcast Looks Ahead to Gores

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