Carl Kasell, Our Apologies

Some errors are worse than others
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Some errors are worse than others

A Radio World newsletter went out today with a headline that NPR's Carl Kasell had passed away. He had not.

Our item was intended to point out an NPR announcement about Mr. Kasell's retirement from the show "Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me." We wanted to share that interesting bit of news about a very popular public radio personality.

On occasion, editorial lines of communication can get crossed, proof steps don't happen. However, some errors are more, well, mortifying than others. The key point is to get the story right, as soon as humanly possible. I let NPR know immediately, and we rushed out a correction to our subscribers. But lest there be any doubt ... Our apologies to Mr. Kasell, and to any of his legion of fans who may have been startled even briefly by that headline.

Meantime, NPR listeners can leave "appreciation voice mails" to Carl Kasell at NPR's website. Tell him we sent you.


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