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Everything as a Service

This new Radio World ebook explores the implications of the op-ex model

Cover of an ebook with a cartoon figure holding a tablet that has audio mixing controls on it

Radio technology has been moving to the service model. It seems that just about any aspect of radio station workflows and business operations can be outsourced or provided as a service.

This new free ebook explores the implications of the op-ex model for engineering executives and business managers. It also features Q&As with our sponsor technology companies that are helping to lead this growing part of the radio industry.

The trend is visible in automation and intercom, processing and mixing, back-office administration and tower lighting. Even hardware products may now come with available subscription upgrades to activate premium features.

What new functionalities and capabilities are these tools offering? What questions about backup, security and factory support should buyers be asking? Explore the implications of the op-ex model for technology and business executives.

Read it here.