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Trends in Virtualization & the Cloud

In what areas is virtualization affecting radio as we move into 2020? How might these trends change the future infrastructure model for radio in the U.S. and elsewhere?

The newest Radio World ebook explores the topic. In this ebook, brought to you by Wheatstone, ENCO and RCS, veteran engineer Doug Irwin asks technology suppliers and others about virtualization in audio management, production and playout, processing and more, with an emphasis on developments of the past 12-18 months.

To what extent is a cloud-based infrastructure the model of the future for radio media companies? Does the elimination of the main studio rule mean that studios will go away?

What are the technical issues and concerns that are raised by the idea of cloud-based infrastructure? Can the cloud approach be “extended” to a location of the broadcasters’ choosing? What else should broadcasters know today about where these technologies are headed, to be prepared?

Read the new ebook here.