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Visual Radio 2018

Dive into this fast-growing sector of the radio broadcast technology business

Radio World has taken the lead in exploring the new and rapidly growing arena of visual radio, sussing out how pioneering digital leaders at successful radio-oriented media organizations are creating video and putting the power of visual communication to profitable use. This ebook — the 40th in the Radio World eBook library — digs in deeper.

In this eBook, learn from experts like:

  • Travis Gilmour, co-founder of Emmy award-winning production company Video Dads;
  • Jenna Land, digital sales manager for Beasley Media Group Charlotte, who gave the opening keynote of the Radio World Visual Radio Symposium;
  • Rich McFadden, vice president of operations for Radio America Network, an active video creator;
  • Seth Resler, a social media expert as “digital dot connector” for Jacobs Media;
  • Stokes Nielson, founder and CEO of Channel Greatness, a global collaborative of creative producers that has done work for major media companies including radio broadcasters.

And get a privileged look at highlights of an in-depth presentation about how to build video-savvy radio studios from Gary Kline, industry consultant and veteran corporate director of engineering and broadcast IT.

Radio and all media companies now compete in a world of social media influencers; of creator-driven, on-demand content. Video is touching organizations of every size and type. Is yours putting these tools to full use to build audience connections?

Read it here.