Visual Radio 2018

Dive into this fast-growing sector of the radio broadcast technology business
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Radio World has taken the lead in exploring the new and rapidly growing arena of visual radio, sussing out how pioneering digital leaders at successful radio-oriented media organizations are creating video and putting the power of visual communication to profitable use. This ebook — the 40th in the Radio World eBook library — digs in deeper.

In this eBook, learn from experts like:

  • Travis Gilmour, co-founder of Emmy award-winning production company Video Dads;
  • Jenna Land, digital sales manager for Beasley Media Group Charlotte, who gave the opening keynote of the Radio World Visual Radio Symposium;
  • Rich McFadden, vice president of operations for Radio America Network, an active video creator;
  • Seth Resler, a social media expert as “digital dot connector” for Jacobs Media;
  • Stokes Nielson, founder and CEO of Channel Greatness, a global collaborative of creative producers that has done work for major media companies including radio broadcasters.

And get a privileged look at highlights of an in-depth presentation about how to build video-savvy radio studios from Gary Kline, industry consultant and veteran corporate director of engineering and broadcast IT.

Radio and all media companies now compete in a world of social media influencers; of creator-driven, on-demand content. Video is touching organizations of every size and type. Is yours putting these tools to full use to build audience connections?

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