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Running Radio Today: Deliver

Distribution of content is changing. What should radio managers know?

Running Radio Today Part Two promo image

[Watch Part Two on demand here.]

The second in Radio World’s three-part webcast series “Running Radio Today” will focus on trends in how radio content is delivered.

Distribution of content is changing. What should radio managers know about advances in codecs, STLs, transmitters, streaming and other technologies that deliver your content to the listener? How are these technologies in 2022 being used advance organizational goals of radio businesses?

Are broadcasters building facilities or workflows that typify these new ways of deploying content? What can we expect distribution models of the future to look like?

The creation of content, its distribution  and its monetization are key elements in the business model for radio explored by this series. The past two years have accelerated changes in how enterprises design and manage workflows, but those concepts remain at the heart of what we do.

Join Radio World’s Paul McLane; leading public radio engineer Rob Bertrand of WAMU in Washington; and technology experts from Comrex, Wheatstone, Synthax/Digigram and Xperi Corp.

[You can also watch Part One on demand.]