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Seven Things To Do at NAB

...when you need a recharge

Seven things to do at NAB when you need a recharge, in no particular order:

  1. Karaoke on the lawn- I’m not kidding, this was a popular afternoon unwind for show attendees
  2. Console video games in the North Hall.Had too much walking?Play some Pong or Pacman!
  3. Walk over to the LVH and get lunch at the Paradise Café.Sit down service and good food for less money than Lucky’s Café.
  4. Give your lungs a break:leave the air-conditioning and grab a bench in front of the main doors in shade of the trees.It’s a busy spot but surprisingly relaxing.Even in Vegas heat this spot is comfortable and breezy.
  5. Troll around for a free drink.At any given moment someone is throwing a party on the floor and no one is asking for written invites (except Harris).
  6. Troll around for fresh baked cookies or popcorn.See above.
  7. Pretend you are really interested in one of the Management Sessions. Sit in the back where you can nap without bothering anyone.