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Architecture & Construction

Building things can be fun and useful

This week, we’ll take a look at some interesting construction and architecture.

German Concert Hall
If there’s such a thing as “acoustic perfection,” this hall claims to have it (and for only $843M!). It’s a beautiful concert hall called the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.

Old Mall=New Homes
This is a very neat use for a very old mall. This 1828 mall was the first indoor shopping mall in America. It now has some housed built into it. A great way to see an old building reused.

Sunny Factory
From Interesting Engineering (a very good website) comes the Tesla factory … with its 35 GWh of solar/battery power, which is MORE than enough to propel “Doc’s Delorean” into the future or the past without the help of a “Mr. Fusion”!

Airplane Living
From Thailand comes a neighborhood where people have taken to using old commercial aircraft for places to live. With no other shelter or place to call home, they’ve found a way to get some protection from the weather.

“Doggerland” is referred to as Britain’s Atlantis by researchers. Here’s a fascinating story about the discovery of this underwater city which was flooded by rising sea levels around 6,500 – 6,200 BCE. Could this be our future for Miami and the low areas along our East and West coasts?

A BIG Treehouse!
I think we all probably built a treehouse or two as kids. This guy puts us all to shame after spending 15 years building this beast!

And finally …
We say goodbye to Diane Rehm from NPR. She’s been a unique and familiar voice for years. Like “Click and Clack” (the brothers from “Car Talk”), we become familiar with the trusted voices at NPR. Here’s the story of Diane Rehm and her retirement.

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