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The Voices Not in Our Head

In a world where …

This edition of Off the Beaten Path is about the voice — from voice-over work to the voices we’ve heard on the radio or TV over the years.

Lost Voices
From The Washington Post comes a great story about the voices we’ve heard being broadcast over the years and what we can do to help preserve them.

Top 10 Voice-Over Artists
Here’s a link to a fun video from a couple of years ago with the Top 10 voice actors.

The BIG Voice-Over People
One of my favorite YouTube videos is “Five Voice-Over Guys in a Limo” with Don LaFontaine and some of the biggest voice-over guys from about 10 years ago. It’s fun to see them ham it up and “using their announcer voices.”

Skills for Voice Actors
For those doing voice work comes this story called “71 Skills to Develop to Help You Succeed as a Voice Actor.”

Vital Voice-Over Skills
Another link for voice-over people helps with actual delivery. It focuses partially on environment when doing this type of work.

We Will Sell No Wine …
Orson Welles was famous for not only his movies and radio theater, but his voice. Thanks to Indiana University Bloomington, which has digitized an extensive amount of Welles’ radio theater programs, you can listen to Orson for yourself (along with Jack Benny) though I don’t believe his 1970s wine commercial audio is here.

Howard Stern
Whether you love him or hate him, no denying that Howard has made his mark in radio and is certainly well-known in the industry. Here are some pics of Stern and interesting short stories related to his career, on-air antics, and some of his guests.

And finally …
They say the three things certain in life is birth, taxes and death. We end with “the end,” or funny ways people have said their own goodbyes on their tombstones.

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