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More of the Good Old Days

Dan can’t leave the past alone

You’ve probably caught me talking about “the good old days” on more than one occasion. Heck, you’ve probably used those words yourself (I think it’s a thing people over 30 say!). For this Off the Beaten Path, we look at things from the past, from hairstyle to advertising.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
In the 1970s, I was just a kid. I remember that decade very well. Radio stations were playing Gilbert O’Sullivan in the early ’70s to Disco in the mid to late ’70s. TV had shows like “The Love Boat” with the memorable promos on ABC voiced by Ernie Anderson. But the 1970s had its own unique fashion from flared pants to silk open-collared shirts. This link might make you cringe at the hairstyles guys had.

Old Fuel
In the earliest days, people burned wood. Later coal, natural gas, then on to wind and solar. Now think about modern technology powered by these older fuels. During WWII, Germany came up with an idea to power one of their aircraft on coal! No kidding, coal! With oil running low during the war, they were trying to find a different way to fuel their planes. Here’s a link to an interesting design and the story.

Old Mansion
I found this an interesting story out of London. Basically, this is presented as a mansion that people walked away from in 1895 and “found” many years later left unransacked. See what you think about this forgotten London mansion.

Old Toys
This particular site isn’t necessarily about cool old toys, but just toys with insane value today. Check these out, then keep them in mind next time you’re at a garage sale and happen to see one of these. (Then remember who showed you this!)

Old Advertising
The next link is sooo incredibly politically incorrect today that I almost had to think twice at sharing it (almost). Times have changed. Though changing times doesn’t always bring improvement, it certainly has in respect to advertising (you’ll probably agree after seeing these ads).

And Finally …
Old pictures … but “new again.” These are some really fascinating old photos which are in color! The French Lumière brothers are frequently credited with quite a bit of the innovation of early film, from stills to movies. They had a process, though painfully difficult, to create color photos. Here are some very old color pictures from 100 years ago.

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