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Nirvana, Bugatti and Potato Power

How many potatoes will it take to power your transmitter?

The internet is so full of interesting stories and all sorts of helpful hints. It’s such a great repository of information that I’m still amazed at some of the great ideas you can find. Of course, some things require a little research as to validity. This week’s links explore Nirvana, Bugatti and the power of the potato.

What’s Behind Door #1
Here’s a neat story about recycling doors into being something other than a “door.”

From the Minors to the Majors
As a former rock jock who has played his share of Nirvana (and the likes), I was pretty amazed to hear the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana after it was run through an auto-tuner taking it from minor chords to majors. Now diehard Nirvana fans will call this blasphemy and make comments about Kurt Cobain rolling-over at the change. But it’s very interesting how changing this to majors totally changes the feel and mood of the song. As I listened to it, I could imagine Sting singing the major-chord version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” For those who might not know the song, I’d suggest listening to the original here.

And now the “new version.”

Largest Employers in Each State
If you ever wind-up on Jeopardy, you might find something in this next link useful for answering a trivia question. Here’s a map of the largest employer in each U.S. state. Before you look, maybe take a guess or two of a few. Some may surprise you, others will not. One clue here, don’t include McDonalds.

In Your Uncle’s Garage
For those of you with an uncle (or an aunt) who tend to “store things,” can you imagine how these people felt when they discovered a rare car in their uncle’s garage. A Bugatti, no less!

2017 was a strange year, made no less strange when Newsweek showed us Pentagon footage of UFOs.

And Finally …
You’re probably aware of some radio stations power (or supported by) wind or solar energy. I’m sure SOMEONE has thought, “How many potatoes might I need to power my 3 kW transmitter?” Well, maybe not. From the cool people at Smithsonian comes potato power!

If you stumble across a good or unusual website that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].