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Dierdorf’s Back in the Booth

Comes home to college alma mater for radio duty

When we last saw Dan Dierdorf, the ex-long-time St. Louis Cardinals offensive lineman was shakily leaving the TV broadcast booth with bad artificial knees, bad back and an artificial hip. He had been an on-air TV football analyst for decades with ABC and CBS.

But the broadcast booth calls and Dierdorf couldn’t stay away. His alma mater, the University of Michigan, had an opening on its radio broadcast team after Frank Beckmann, who had been doing Wolverine games practically forever (i.e. since 1981), retired.

“This is the only broadcasting job that I would have considered after retiring from the network television,” Dierdorf said.

Hall of Famer (college and pro) Dierdorf will move into the analyst position and analyst Jim Brandstatter will move to play-by-play. Interestingly, Dierdorf’s first post-player broadcasting gig was with radio, for KMOX(AM) covering University of Missouri and Cardinal games.

It’s nice when they come full-circle home — and do radio.