A Good Cause and Fun Too

Bayliss Foundation explores a new revenue stream: recurring online auctions
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The Bayliss Foundation does good work. And even though it chose this year to postpone its annual Radio Roast (at which an industry notable comes in for friendly abuse in a good cause), the organization still needs to raise money to help raise its scholarship efforts.

Executive Director Kit Hunter Franke tells me the new Bayliss Benefit Auctions will help the foundation’s established scholarship and internship programs. Their hope is to offer many more students and provide a good marketing tool for the donors.

It’s an Internet-only auction, accessible at www.rasmus.com. What’s also notable for RW readers is that the auction involves hundreds new and used radio and other broadcast equipment including transmitters, studio, editing, remote and production equipment for radio, TV, video and broadcast.

“We plan to hold the online auction several times a year,” Kit told me. “In the future we’d like to offer radio memorabilia, donated creative services like Web site design and sales consulting plus a variety of other ‘must-have’ items.” The Bayliss Foundation will accept donations of broadcast equipment, industry-related services, furniture, office machines, vehicles, etc. throughout the year.

Because this is an online auction, they don’t need the physical item in hand, only a photo and a description of the donation. The majority of the work is done by the auction company. Buyers are responsible for shipping related costs, if any.

Kit Hunter Franke promises “a great deal of promotion and goodwill” surrounding these auctions. The auction company has 45,000 registered bidders alone. “We will widely promote what we have to sell and will acknowledge who made the donations possible.” Meanwhile the organization has said it does intend to continue its roasts in the future.

Since 1985 the foundation, named for broadcaster John Bayliss, has awarded $1.1 million in scholarship money to approximately 330 college students and, since adding a new program four years ago, placed more than 90 students in paid internships with broadcasting companies.

If you’d like to donate, e-mail auction@baylissfoundation.org or call (831) 655-5229.


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