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25-Seven Brings Delay to IBC

Precision Delay now offers up to four hours of stereo programming with sample level accuracy

The 25-Seven Precision Delay provides a flexible solution for delaying programs across time zones, with no spinning hard drives and no complicated programming.

Precision Delay also meets the challenges of protecting the integrity of watermarking codes during delay builds and exits. As 25-Seven algorithms never alter pitch, Precision Delay never undermines the critical frequencies upon which watermarking depends, says the company.

According to the firm, its extreme accuracy also recommends Precision Delay for transmission signal synchronization in complex, on-frequency retransmission systems.

Precision Delay has a built-in Web server for control, as well as standard digital, analog and Livewire IP audio interfaces. Serial data over IP or RS-232, as well as contact closures, can be delayed in sync with the audio.

Also on display will be Program Delay Manager, with patented PD-Alert to prevent inappropriate material from airing live, and Audio Time Manager real-time time-compressor and time-shifter that lets stations “pause” live radio, insert new material, then seamlessly return to the original program with no loss of content. 25-Seven Systems is part of the Telos Alliance and will exhibit at IBC2013.

IBC2013 stand: 8.D30