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2wcom Adds Features to A30 Monitoring System

Now provides MPX measurement options, DAB+ module and can function as backup rebroadcast receiver

2wcom says its A30 monitoring receiver provides a versatile range of options for measurement, control, alarms and demodulation.

Since launching the A30 last year, the company has added several features such as a DAB+ module and MPX measurement options. Additionally, the device can now function as a backup rebroadcast receiver and as a RDS-Data monitor as well.

The A30 is designed to let operators configure system settings — parameters like RF level, pilot signal, MPX power and deviation, RDS synchronization, TA and PI — for each station individually. In addition, it offers various options for FM/RDS and DAB+ monitoring.

For example, the system’s two integrated tuners can monitor two FM stations simultaneously day and night, but the second tuner can monitor up to 30 broadcasting stations using scan mode. Moreover, the web interface for MPX measurements allows technicians to control the MPX deviation according to the requirements of regulatory authorities.

The DAB+ module allows the monitoring of parameters such as RF level, FIC quality, audio level or image slideshow (SLS). If a value does not comply with the presettings, an alarm can be forwarded via SNMP, email or relay to a service representative. Alarm activities are logged and stored with time stamp, type of alert and the equivalent frequency.

2wcom says that the A30 can serve as a backup source and the ISD (Intelligent Silence Detection), offering transmission security with its active and passive “loop-through” feature that loops through incoming external audio/MPX signals to its outputs via relays.

It is able to measure the incoming external audio/MPX source and in the case of signal degradation, switch the output source to an internal FM tuner.