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700 MHz Rebates-a-Go-Go

AKG and Sennheiser offer money back

So you’re sniffling because you bought a 700 MHz wireless mic system a little while ago and now the DTV transition and FCC auctions are going to cramp your style.

Maybe not.

As of press time AKG and Sennheiser have introduced rebate programs for turning in older 700 MHz systems.

For AKG, the rebate takes the form of a $100 instant rebate towards the price of a new WMS 450 system (which operates away from the 700 MHz spectrum).

Sennheiser offers a tiered program that depends upon the wireless system being turned in — if it is Sennheiser. The rebate could be as much as $1,400. For systems from other manufacturers a flat rebate is available. Sennheiser also offers to retune some of its higher-end systems.

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