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A Towering Problem

How to get a beacon above top-mounted obstacles?

It’s a problem not readily obvious to most broadcasters, obscured or partially obscured tower beacons.

Jared Remus of Remus Tower Service came up with a simple solution — an extender.

A release explains: “The development of the patented RTS 36–66 was driven by two key regulation changes within the tower industry. The first is the FAA regulation prohibiting the tower beacon to be located behind the antennas surrounding the top of the tower. The second was an OSHA act preventing work on any object over 36 inches above the structure of the tower.”

The RTS 36-66 is made of zinc-plated steel. It has locking points every six inches. The device is 36 inches tall and extends to 66 inches. Extension is motivated by a removable hand cranking device.

Remus is a tower worker himself so the product derives from experience.